Yankees: NYY Fans Will Love Gio Urshela’s Offseason Activities With Francisco Lindor

New York Yankees infielder Gio Urshela (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
New York Yankees infielder Gio Urshela (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images) /

New York Yankees third baseman Gio Urshela spent most of quarantine with Cleveland Indians shortstop Francisco Lindor in Orlando.

The New York Yankees have been linked as a potential trade destination for Cleveland Indians shortstop Francisco Lindor in the past, and it appears that they have an inside man set up perfectly to gloat about the franchise.

For those who don’t know, Lindor is best friends with Yankees third baseman Gio Urshela, and the two reportedly spent most of quarantine together in Orlando riding bikes roughly five times per week.

Lindor and Urshela came up in Cleveland’s system and even played with each other in MLB in 2015 and 2017 before the latter was traded to the Blue Jays. It’s awesome to know that their friendship hasn’t faded due to the fact that they are now on separate teams.

How close are the two stars? Well, Urshela apparently trusts Lindor enough to wield a razor around his head and neck area. Checkout this funny Instagram Live clip of the latter giving the former a haircut back in March.

Listen, nobody’s saying that Yankees general manager Brian Cashman is going to trade for Lindor because he’s good friends with Urshela. Speaking strictly in terms of baseball, the Pinstripes have the shortstop position locked up long term in the form of Gleyber Torres, so they really don’t need to trade for the four-time All-Star. However, it’s impossible to deny that his relationship with Urshela helps their chances, and Torres is more than familiar with playing second base.

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It’s anything but a sure thing, but at the very least, it’s pretty cool for Yankees fans to know that their stud third baseman was enjoying himself with the right crowd during quarantine, and potentially whispering sweet nothings in his old friend’s ear.

I mean, Urshela might very well be sentencing himself to backup duty, and speaking a “DJLMHU-Gleyber-Lindor-Voit” infield into existence. That’s a good friend.