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Yankees catcher Sal Fasano (Photo by Geoff Burke/WireImage) /

Aside from Don Mattingly, is there a better Yankees mustache?

Yankees: C Sal Fasano

What a memorable mustache. To this day, facial hair remains a conversation for Yankees fans, and while it may not be as iconic as Don Mattingly’s mustache, Sal Fasano may solely be remembered by the Yankees’ faithful for his glorious upper lip har.

Fasano spent one season in the Bronx, after being shipped from Philadelphia midway through the season. Known for his defense, Fasano played sparingly and didn’t make much of an impact on the field (.143/.222/.286), but he did give the fans someone to root for.

Fasano stuck out compared to the rest of the Yankees team. A roster of clean-cut players, Fasano, with his facial hair and seemingly unkempt exterior, was a sight to behold. He quickly became a fan favorite and to this day is one of the most memorable Yankees backup catchers.

Off the field, Fasano was a hit in the clubhouse and helped begin a wonderful trend of Yankees growing mustaches that season. Who can forget when slugger Jason Giambi rocked the ‘stache?

Back in 2006, David Puner of ESPN.com’s Page 2 put it well:

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“Besides the ‘stache, there’s really no other reason to release Stinnett and sign a guy who’s been released more often than, as he put it, an animal going from zoo to zoo. Fasano is a mustache enabler which cannot be misconstrued for an initiator.”