Yankees: Players Who Will Be Screwed Out of Raises if 2020 MLB Season Doesn’t Happen

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2. Gary Sanchez

NY Yankees, Gary Sanchez
Gary Sanchez #24 of the NY Yankees – (Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images) /

Say what you want about El Gary, but the man is arguably the best slugging catcher in baseball. His defense still needs work, but he’s making only $5 million 2020. The two-time All-Star has 162-game averages of 46 home runs and 114 RBI, which we know seems moot given the fact he’s yet to eclipse 122 games in a single year, but he’s under arbitration through the 2022 season, which gives New York the upper hand, especially if this year is canceled (or honestly, if it’s even shortened to 60 games). Sanchez has played in a grand total of 372 games since making his debut in 2015 and he already has 105 home runs and 262 RBI. Those are tremendous numbers even if he’s not getting the timely hits when Yankee fans want him to or if he’s striking out a lot. You rarely ever see catchers with that kind of production and power, so Sanchez would totally be getting screwed if he can’t step into the batter’s box at all in 2020.