Yankees: Randy Levine Calls Out Scott Boras Over MLB Negotiations


It’s nice to see Yankees president Randy Levine calling out guys like Scott Boras instead of his own players.

The average Yankees fan probably didn’t know who Randy Levine was until early 2017. That offseason, the organization’s president berated star reliever Dellin Betances for filing a salary in arbitration too high for the New York executive’s liking. The story made headlines everywhere and fans were not happy with such treatment of their star reliever.

But now fans can get behind Levine, who decided to call out super agent Scott Boras, who represents new Yankees star Gerrit Cole, on Friday. With the MLB negotiations hitting another snag after the players counter-offered the owners to add 10 more games to the proposal, tensions are running high everywhere once again.

Levine feels Boras is playing a role in heightening said tensions, and he didn’t shy away from making public comments about it.

“I happen to like Scott Boras. I’ve done a lot of business with him. He’s very smart,” Levine told The New York Post. “I haven’t talked to him on this matter, but I’m really disappointed because I’m hearing from everywhere — on both sides of this matter — that he is trying to impede this thing.”

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Yankees reliever Zack Britton refuted any excessive/unnecessary involvement on Boras’ end, claiming the agent has never tried to “influence his thoughts with the union.” Throw in the fact that Cole, Bryce Harper and Max Scherzer — all of whom are represented by Boras — were among those to express their desire to play with “when and where” posts on social media, and we’re truly not sure if Boras is attempting to upstage this ordeal.

Boras told the New York Post that he’s merely “consulting” his clients when he’s asked because it’s part of his job.

Regardless, something seems a bit fishy if we keep hearing Boras’ name in regards to all of this, with it dating back to Trevor Bauer’s tweet calling him out over three weeks ago.