Yankees Rumors: Aaron Judge Girlfriend Arrest Had to Be ‘Gut Punch’ for Slugger


A Yankees insider said Samantha Bracksieck’s DUI arrest was likely a ‘gut punch’ for Aaron Judge.

It’s been a trying offseason for New York Yankees star Aaron Judge. He’s once again been hampered by injuries and his progress is lagging. On top of that, his girlfriend, Samantha Bracksieck, was arrested for a DUI in Arizona back in February, which was covered extensively by the New York tabloids.

Fans haven’t heard from the Yankees star slugger in quite a while. While there have been a few updates on Bracksieck’s end, such as the support she’s gotten from other Yankees players’ wives, we’ve heard barely anything on Judge, and what the New York Post learned from a team insider perhaps speaks more to that.

“[Judge] is quiet quiet. The arrest had to be a gut punch to him.”

Judge, according to the insider, values his privacy very much, so it was probably unsettling for him to see Bracksieck drop his name in the arrest video that surfaced while he’s had a lot on his mind with the various ailments he’s been suffering for months.

It’s also fairly telling that we haven’t heard a peep from Judge this offseason, even in regards to his recovery and outlook for the 2020 season. One can expect the moment he opens himself up to the media, he’ll be subject to questions about this incident, and it’ll be the last thing he’ll want to address.

But perhaps Judge is feeling a bit better about all of this after Bracksieck’s former college professor and adviser had nothing but good things to say about her to The Post. That’ll no doubt help take the negative edge off this story.

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However, the longer negotiations drag out with no clear start date for the 2020 season, the more stories like this will be of primary interest. Once the MLB and MLBPA can finally figure things out, we can move on and start talking baseball.