Yankees Draft: 3 Picks New York Should Have Made in 2020

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1. Yankees Draft: Colt Keith Over Beck Way

Yankees draft
A Detroit Tigers hat in Lakeland, Florida. (Photo by Mark Cunningham/MLB Photos via Getty Images) /

The Yankees draft could’ve gotten its polished bat in the fourth round instead.

Perhaps the Tigers wouldn’t be receiving quite as much commendation for their draft if the Yankees had completed their selections with a top-100 bat instead.

Detroit took Biloxi HS third baseman Colt Keith with their final selection to kick off the fifth round, something the Yankees could’ve done to add thump to their arsenal if they’d chosen Eder earlier over Hauver.


Instead, New York went with Beck Way, who’s taken a stop at a junior college to boost his profile ahead of a potential LSU transfer, and has gotten rave reviews from many corners of the internet, including from the Yankees’ backyard.

Way is more of a project than Eder, however, and Keith likely has more projection in his bat than Hauver. Overall, our draft strategy would’ve resulted in a steadier presence on the mound, and upside plays at the plate, essentially the opposite of what New York went for.

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But when you can thump like the 2020 Yankees, with a farm system to match, why not make things a bit more stable on the mound? It’s our choice. Hopefully, the Yankees made the right one.