Yankees: Derek Jeter’s Scouting Report on Anniversary of New York Drafting Him

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Derek Jeter was drafted by the New York Yankees on June 1, 1992.

The Captain. Mr. November. Number 2. Derek Jeter is one of the best Yankees in the history of the franchise, so it’s important we remember him on the day he was drafted.

On June 1, 1992, in the midst of an unforeseen playoff drought and yet another losing season, the Yankees selected Derek Sanderson Jeter with the sixth overall pick out of Central High School in Kalamazoo, Michigan. The move would completely turn the franchise around.

Once Jeter arrived on the scene as a full-timer in 1996, the Yankees regained their stranglehold over Major League Baseball and formed one of the greatest dynasties in the history of sports.

What’s even better? So many scouts saw potential in Jeter, which makes for an incredible beginning to a legendary journey. The Hall of Famer has a resume that boasts five World Series titles, a Rookie of the Year, 14 All-Star Game appearances, 3,000 hits, five Gold Gloves, five Silver Sluggers, and a World Series MVP. He’s also just one of 15 captains in the Yankees’ illustrious history.

We can thank former Yankees scout Dick Groch, who predicted before the Yankees drafted Jeter that he’d end up in Cooperstown.

And how many of these scouts ended up being spot on? By looking at those various reports, we see “plus defensive tools for demanding position”; “good hand speed at plate”; “outstanding arm strength” and others that truly define who Jeter was. He impacted the game on both sides of the ball, in the biggest moments, and in the smartest of ways, almost effortlessly.

Looking back on these scouting reports on the anniversary of Jeter being drafted by the Yankees makes New York fans thankful that this group of guys was in the same room, looking at the same player, and seeing the same thing.

Very rarely does that happen, especially with generational players.