Yankees: 3 Players Who Are Definitely Losing Their Minds During Quarantine

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1. Tommy Kahnle

New York Yankees Quarantine
Tommy Kahnle #48 of the New York Yankees (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images) /

New York Yankees relief weirdo Tommy Kahnle probably isn’t functioning too well right now.

We love him, but Tommy Kahnle’s barely a functioning human being in a normal environment. How is he possibly dealing with 24-7 isolation, with no defined end date, and no guarantee of an Eagles training camp to look forward to?!

We kid, but…we also kind of don’t.

The bullpen wildman has become as vaunted for (Unintelligible Tommy Noises) as he is for his devastating changeup. Without Zack Britton and company to annoy, yelp for, or charge at, how is Kahnle occupying his time?

Where is he right now, now that the MLB 2K tournament has wrapped? Anyone seen the king lately?

Nobody needs Spring Training 2.0 more than Tommy Kahnle, at least so he can finally be around 24 other men who may not understand his deal, but at least comprehend why the sound machine is happening.