3 Yankees poised to start strong in shortened season

Gerrit Cole #45 of the New York Yankees (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images)
Gerrit Cole #45 of the New York Yankees (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images) /
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Gerrit Cole New York Yankees (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images) /

A look at three Yankees set to explode once the 2020 season begins

The 2020 Major League Baseball season will be a new experience for every single player, including those wearing the pinstripes of the New York Yankees. Potentially empty stadiums, a fragmented season and what could be life in quarantine will force players to adjust to their new, and (hopefully temporary) professional situations.

While every player will certainly be itching to get back onto the field, a short “Spring Training” and a different atmosphere at ballparks are certainly valid reasons to impact someone’s performance early on.

For players that typically use February and most of March to get into form, the multi-month layoff and short training period may not be enough for some by the time the season starts. Travel arrangements and other logistical aspects of the season are likely to be impacted too. Potentially rearranging an athlete’s ever-so precious routine.

Frankly, it would be hard to blame players for needing a few games to gather themselves and find their bearings.

At the same time, this historic season could provide a handful of players with an opportunity to put together an amazing stretch. Hitters won’t have to deal with the subpar weather in March and April and may be at an advantage as face a multi-month period without facing Major League batters.

There are players that, for whatever reason start each season off on the right foot. Even the Yankees, who unfortunately play a chunk of cold weather baseball early in the year (Oh how everyone loves those trips to Detroit in April) have a handful of players who are typically unbothered in any situation.

Moreover,  some of New York’s best players have the baseball-first mentality and the statistical resume to show that once the season begins, they are ready to perform.

One Yankees also stands out as having something to prove heading into the 2020 campaign. After dealing with injury after injury, one pinstriped-slugger is poised to regain his MVP form and come out of the gates hot with a fellow power bat likely on the mend.

Here are three Yankees stars who will be ready to roll once the first pitch is thrown.