The top Yankees victories of the 2010s

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Although they didn’t win any World Series titles, the New York Yankees still provided plenty of memorable moments throughout the 2010s. Through it all, they won more games combined than any other team during the decade and some of these wins had significant meaning for both the franchise and fan base.

Yankee fans can reflect on the last decade and reminisce about a certain memory. They can remember exactly where they were, who they were with, and what their reaction was when they witnessed that unforgettable moment that made them jump for joy. No team in sports does it better than the Yankees. Each and every year, they give their fans something to cheer for and follow dedicatedly.

So as the sports world reminds fans of notable moments that had occurred on the current date in the past, I thought it may be appropriate to look back on some of the top victories the Yankees had last decade.

These were chosen by me based on emotion, meaningfulness, and lasting imagery. This is all my opinion, but I feel that many Yankee fans would be able to look back on all of these games with a smile and say how much that impacted them.

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