New York Yankees: The 2010s in review (2010-2014)

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As March comes to a close and April knocks on the door, the world is still in an unknown state. What is known is that there will still be no Yankees baseball for a while.

The 2020s are off to a chaotic start, to say the least. In less than three months, the sports world has been hit hard. First was the passing of basketball legend Kobe Bryant, and now the coronavirus pandemic has killed off or postponed multiple sporting events, including the Olympics, which have been pushed back to next year. What’s to come remains unclear. Today, however, I’ve decided to look back at what came last decade for the New York Yankees.

The 2010s was the first decade where the Yankees did not appear in a World Series since the 1910s. Legends retired, stars were born, and there was a lot of in-betweens to go along with it all.

So without further ado, let’s dissect the 2010s by examining the Yankees’ performance in each season of the decade. This format was inspired by the book Damned Yankees by Bill Madden and Moss Klein. We’ll start with the first five years, 2010-2014.