Yankees worst free agent contracts ever handed out

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Jacoby Ellsbury

And that brings us to the modern-day, where the Yankees recently released Jacoby Ellsbury after giving him a ludicrous 7-year, $153 million contract in 2014. Ellsbury was known for his plus speed and power combo, but surely he wasn’t expected to maintain that in his later 30s?

Despite that, the Yankee brass handed him that contract, praying for another Johnny Damon. Well, he failed to live up to that billing spectacularly. Ailing health and overall poor center field play doomed him to the bench for the likes of Aaron Hicks.

Ellsbury hadn’t played for the Yankees since Sept 30, 2017, due to a laundry list of ailments. He suffered concussions, a torn labrum in his left hip, plantar fasciitis, and numerous minor shoulder issues.

He was forever present in the medical reports but not in the stat sheet. Ellsbury started becoming a running joke amongst Yankee fans, often saying he’ll be back better than ever (sarcasm).

And when he was released, many popped off. The sage isn’t even over yet, as the Yankees plan on exempting the $26 million they owe him, due to Ellsbury receiving unauthorized medical care from a doctor in Atlanta that the club didn’t approve.

When all is said and done, Ellsbury posted a mediocre .264 batting average with 39 homers and 198 RBIs in six seasons with the Yankees. He will be the gold standard for bad Yankee contracts.