Yankees: 5 players who could be traded this offseason

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Now that the Yankees season is officially over it’s time to take a look at five players who could be on the trading block this offseason.

The Yankees season didn’t end with a championship in 2019 which means some changes are going to be made this offseason. They might not be drastic but clearly, the front office is going to have to make a few upgrades and one of the best ways to do that is by making some trades.

One of the reasons the Yankees were so successful during the regular season this year was because of their depth. From top to bottom they were deep at every position on the roster and that’s why they were still able to win 103 games despite setting a major league record for stints on the IL with 39 over the course of the season.

This offseason they can use some of that depth to their advantage by making trades to improve the club for next season. What those trades might look like is a topic for another day but there are definitely some players in the organization who are expandable this offseason that could bring the Yankees back some pieces to help put them over the top in 2020.

Most of the players you’ll see on the list below don’t project to have starting jobs with the Yankees when they begin the 2020 season because they’re blocked by players ahead of them on the depth chart. However, they do have talent and that should garner them some interest from opposing clubs if they were to be placed on the trading block.