Yankees: Q&A with Bryan Hoch, Yankees Beat Writer for MLB.com

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Bryan Hoch has worked as the Yankees MLB.com beat reporter since 2007. He is the co-author with Mark Feinsand of a new book titled “Mission 27”, A New Boss, A New Ballpark and One last Ring for the Core Four. Recently, he joined YGY contributor Marcus Guy to talk about the book and answer a few Yankee related questions.

Marcus Guy (Marcus):
Thank you for doing this!

Bryan Hoch (Bryan):
Of course! Thank you for having me.

The news came out recently that Giancarlo Stanton’s rehab has been shut down due to a left calf strain. If all goes well, when can we expect him back in the Yankees lineup?

Well, I think everything’s kind of up in the air right now. It’s been mysterious the way this has gone from a left biceps to a left shoulder to, now, a left calf strain. Aaron Boone told us that they’re going to shut him down for 7 to 10 days and then get him started going again. You know, calf strains can be a little tricky if you aggravate it.

So, I would be guessing, at this point, but it feels like we’re not going to see him at least in the month of May. I would think, best case, he could probably come back at some point in June. This is a thing that has gone on way longer than I think anybody anticipated when he came out of that game after March 31st.

On that note, Stanton is obviously more of a home run or nothing hitter. The Yankees have been playing more small ball since the beginning of the season because of all the injuries. And, obviously, they’ve had a great record doing so. Do you think they will change their method of play (when the big hitters come back) and go back to the long ball or nothing approach?

Well, I think you’ve got to go with the guys you have, and they’ve got more players right now who put the bat on the ball. Obviously, you are still getting home runs out of guys like Gleyber Torres, Gary Sanchez, and Luke Voit, but I think, when you add guys in there, like a Gio Urshela, like a Lemahieu, who put the bat on the ball, you’re going to play to those strengths.

So, I think that Stanton is going to be who he has been. He’s going to be a strikeout, home run-type guy. Aaron Judge, same thing. They get their extra-base hits. But they’re up there to drive the ball. When they come back, you’re going to see them be the players that they have been historically. I don’t think they’re going to suddenly become contact Wade Boggs-type hitters overnight.