Yankees Broadcaster Michael Kay Calls Out Injured Clint Frazier

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On Monday, YES Network broadcaster Michael Kay called out Clint Frazier during his daily radio show. The alleged facetious comment prompted Frazier to tweet directly to the Yankees play by play man.

Even though Michael Kay was on vacation from his own radio show (The Michael Kay Show), he still made the most viral comment when he criticized the Yankees outfielder.

"“I mean, when you’re playing Luke Voit and Shane Robinson in important games — you know, shame on the Yankees for not having the depth, but again, shame on guys like Jacoby Ellsbury for not getting healthy! Shame on Clint Frazier for not getting healthy!”"

His response stemmed from frustration with the Yankees health issues of late and their recent struggles against the Red Sox. With Aaron Judge out for at least another two weeks with a wrist injury, the Yanks have been forced to start 33-year-old outfielder Shane Robinson at times.

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Compared to Aaron Judge‘s MVP-caliber offensive production, Robinson is an extreme downgrade to the Yankees considering his career .226/.295/.299 slash line. The team would have been better off, on paper, having Clint Frazier or, dare I say, Jacoby Ellsbury in the lineup, but both are injured. And the injuries are what Kay was attacking, not the players, but it didn’t seem that way to some.

Kay has a reputation for coming off snarky to some listeners and clever to others who tune in to The Michael Kay Show. Those fans who caught wind of Kay’s comments were quick to criticize him. However, Kay quickly defended himself on Twitter and said he “was being facetious.”

Clint Frazier, who is dealing with post-concussion migraines, didn’t seem to care for Kay’s humor. So an offended Red Thunder went to Twitter to publicly address Kay’s comments, and some fans showered him with support.

I’m surprised we don’t see more stories featuring players calling out broadcasters for their shrewd comments directed at them. But I’m shocked a story like this came out of the Yankee system. This is unusual behavior for a player wearing the pinstripes. As for Kay, he is no stranger to making bold statements during his show. If he didn’t make them, he might not have his own show.

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Kay apologized to Frazier this morning over Twitter, and the two may meet in person soon. Hopefully, this issue blows over quickly. The Yankees need all hands on deck to secure a Wild Card Game playoff spot since the Red Sox now hold a commanding nine-game lead in the AL East.