Yankees: Brandon Drury is way more than a stopgap to Manny Machado

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Once in a generation players, like Manny Machado and Bryce Harper are just that. But with their value comes mega-contracts. The type the Yankees may not need to take on in 2019.

Before anyone gets there feathers in a ruffle, I’m not saying the newly acquired Brandon Drury is the same type of talent as Manny Machado. The purpose of this article is to prove to the masses that before we automatically label a 25-year-old with upside anything more than a “stopgap” to Machado, we need to let Drury play on the big stage that is Yankees baseball.

In all transparency, the feelings around the Twittersphere are very positive for the former D’backs’ super-utility man. I mean, why shouldn’t they be?

General manager Brian Cashman was able to acquire a player that brings a unique skillset to the table (Liam Neeson voice), filling a need right now for the Yanks for a little over $600K. That’s a massive win in my book.

The beauty of Drury is that we already have a small sample size of what he’s capable of at the big league level in a little over two years of professional duty.

And manager Aaron Boone agrees, should the Oregon native, and self-proclaimed Yankees fan as a child, get a steadier dose of innings, Drury could carve out a spot for himself for a long time to come — as told to the New York Post.

"“We are excited about him. He is a guy who has already established himself a little bit at the major league level for a couple of years, but we are also getting a young player that we feel has a chance to fit in long term,’’ Boone said. “We will probably focus more on third base, where last year pretty much mostly second base in Arizona. We feel he is really going to help us. Hopefully, he is one of those guys we can help take another step and become more of an impact that has already been.’’"