Can the Yankees avoid the missteps of the Red Sox and Mariners?

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Boston Fans, Look Away

Boston is overpaying him as a DH and would like to have him play a position. But they also have a starter at every position, even at first, because they recognize Hanley’s defensive limitations.

They are paying Hanley too much to sign Eric Hosmer as well but can’t afford to start the season with Ramirez as their only first baseman. That’s why they re-signed Mitch Moreland.

Also, he is the gift that will keep giving to Boston: Hanley and his $22 million per annum are signed through 2019, one year after the big free agent class of next year.

And of course, the reason the Red Sox don’t have the money to literally pay for their mistakes is because that was not the plan. The plan was to spend big on pitching, in both money and prospects. But even there, the Sox have faced some disappointments.

Still a Good Price Tag

David Price was supposed to put the Sox in the playoffs in 2016. And he did, but no one knew he would do so with a surly attitude and oft-injured body.

But Boston should have been able to predict he would do as he always had and melt down in the playoffs. Price carries a 3.22 career reg season ERA but a career 5.03 post season one.

And so as night must follow day, Price walked off the mound of the 2016 ALDS game two after fewer than four innings with a 13.50 ERA.

However, no one can say the Sox did the wrong thing by signing him. Any team would want him on the field, if not in the clubhouse, and would be willing to take their chances with Price in the playoffs. But luck is always a part of successful playoff runs.

In this case, Boston bet well but still lost, at least so far.