Yankees and Angels have reshaped the baseball landscape

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Boston won the division last year but proved themselves too punch-less to matter in the playoffs, again. Even before the end of the ALCS, Boston recognized it needed to add power to keep up with the bombers.

The separation between the two clubs was magnified a hundred fold with the addition of Stanton. Now, if Boston doesn’t sign the only remaining power bat, they face a hostile home crowd and possibly some uncomfortable decisions.

Losing out entirely on J.D. Martinez would leave Boston still a great club. Their pitching keeps them in every game, and they could repeat as division winners. But they are a win now team, and that means a lot more than making it to the ALDS.

If Boston is left without a big free agent bat, they might have to reshape their club quickly. Adding Eric Hosmer would improve their offense, but not solve their power problem.

To do that, they might have to part with an existing player, such as Jackie Bradley Jr. But no team wants to start subtracting homegrown, big league players this early in what was expected to be a multi-year run at titles. It would mark the end of the ascension and the beginning of the desperate chase for championships.

They could decide to be patient if they miss on Martinez: Get Hosmer and wait for the 2018 free agent class. And while that would not be the same as conceding the division, it would mean putting up much less resistance.

And of course, the Yankees have the pressure to win it all, and to do so now.