Yankees and Angels have reshaped the baseball landscape

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For instance, they’ve shored up their infield by signing Zack Cozart and ancient Ian Kinsler. These are not necessarily championship moves, but they make sense for the once burned Moreno.

He hopes that a team that finished 80-82 will be better primarily because of Ohtani. He’s willing to give his team an improved chance, thus the right but not overwhelming signings. And if they reach July with a real opportunity to make the playoffs, he is likely to go all in.

But even that plan requires more pitching. Their ace, Garrett Richards, has an ERA under 2.34 for the last two years. He’s also pitched fewer than 63 innings the previous two years combined. He’s young enough at 29 to have a healthy season but, if he doesn’t, it’s hard to imagine the Angels challenging the Astros.

That’s a task that got easier when the Mariners missed on Ohtani but might get harder if the Rangers land Zack Greinke. And that seems like a move inspired by Ohtani’s signing, as well.