Yankees potential trades with Pirates and Diamondbacks take shape

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A power is rising in the west

The Angels are building a super team of their own and just signed SS Zack Cozart. Meanwhile, the Phillies just signed the third-best free agent power bat, Carlos Santana. That only leaves power hitter Martinez and better all-around hitter Eric Hosmer.

The pressure to sign and be signed is starting to build. And losing out completely might be a 2018 death sentence for some clubs.

So, why is Arizona waiting to make some of their easier moves, like trading Brandon Drury and/or Patrick Corbin? Many teams can afford the prospects and money these deals require.

And why hasn’t Martinez signed with a team already? Remember he made a point of going to the Winter Meetings; that seemed to suggest some urgency.

He waits because the Diamondbacks are actively trying to move Greinke, meaning the Sox wait, too. The MLB Network reported that several teams have already made offers. Any search on that site for, “Greinke”, will make true the assertion.

And all of those offers include Arizona taking back a big contract in return. The message is clear that teams are willing to take on some but not all of Zack’s big deal.

That is exactly in-line with the Yankee’ wishes.