Yankees potential trades with Pirates and Diamondbacks take shape

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Yankees general manager Brian Cashman has made the team more powerful heading into the 2018 season. Now, with trades for two starting pitchers on the horizon, he looks to make it a monster.

Aside from re-signing CC Sabathia on Saturday, the Yankees have been silent the last few days. Meanwhile, the trade market has been acting like a boiling pot with a lid on it. These things can’t be coincidental. No, it’s a time of signs and portends; time to stand with the three weird sisters and gaze into their cauldron.

Something is once again holding up free agency. The Boston Red Sox are desperate for a big bat. Meanwhile, J.D. Martinez, the biggest remaining bopper, is available and already met with them, and several other teams. Those offers are unlikely to change.

Yet, he hasn’t signed. Meanwhile, The Arizona Diamondbacks have skipped Christmas and moved right on to Valentine’s Day: They are in love with Mr. Martinez. And it is not unrequited. These two entities desire a reunion.

The problem in this polyamorous relationship is money. Martinez is likely to give the D’Backs a discount, but that still puts him at around at least four years and $75 million, with a player option. But blood is easier to find in the desert than money.

It just so happens that for some odd reason, Arizona seems to think it is a good idea to swap out starting pitcher Zack Greinke for Martinez; to each their own. Greinke has a monster contract with four years and $127 million owed to him. It would take a miracle to move him. Yet, both Martinez and the D’Backs seem to be waiting for just such a seasonal event.

This is especially true now that steam is starting to escape the pot.