The Yankees blue chip prospects who will be traded next

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Odds and Ends

Of course there might still be another Chase Headley-type trade, and well worth it to lose Chance Adams in order to say goodbye to Ellsbury. And there are going to be more small, prospect-for-prospect type swaps.

But there is only good news in Yankees land. Cashman’s boys blossomed into world beaters before our eyes. Imagine the team that went to Game 7 of the ALCS, a year older and better.

And now imagine it with the Giancarlo Stanton batting somewhere in the middle of that order, and with Gleyber Torres leading off.

Now picture that team going seven pitchers deep, starting with Cy Young candidate Luis Severino, followed by Masahiro Tanaka, Sonny Gray, Patrick Corbin and Chris Archer as the first five, with Jordan Montgomery and Justus Sheffield or Dillon Tate at Triple-A.

And with the money to get help in July.

One quick note: Some of you will write that the Yankees need to give Montgomery a chance. I root for the Yankees, not the Jordan-Montgomery’s. And I don’t want the Yankees to take a chance on winning, I want them to ensure they win.

I love Montgomery but if the Yankees could trade him and three C’s for Corbin, trading Jordan would be a slam dunk. Sorry, but I had to write that.

Beat you so bad your ancestors will feel it

Now that sounds like a super team built to absorb injuries during the regular season and still be the most talented club every night. And the odds are likely that the regular season tryouts will reveal the best postseason starters.

I have previously advocated that the Yankees go all in and use every spare part at Triple-A to win this year, and beyond. The team got off to a great start by giving up only one future star, Jorge Guzman, for a superstar in his prime. One or two more deals and the Yankees will be ready for the 2018 season.

And now it’s your turn to suggest the deals you think the Yankees should make, or are likely to make. Because there are more truths than just death and taxes. One is that the Yankees are going to trade players from this list.

Another is that other teams might grouse about those trades as much as they did when the Stanton deal was consummated.

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The final truth most teams are awakening to is that the 2018 season is likely to be one long, slow, painful beat down by the Yankees. And, in case I was somehow vague, I mean painful for all the other teams, and hilarious for Yankees fans, like me.

[Insert maniacal laugh here.]