The Yankees blue chip prospects who will be traded next

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Brian, CDACE and Corky Cashman

But before that happens we get our chance to play GM. One standard way of working out trades is to put players on four lists: C, B, A and Untouchable.

Therefore, I have grouped the players who are most likely to be traded, followed by a few of the trades I would like to see happen. If I included a player who has already left the Yanks’ system, feel free to excoriate me.

Please remember that the C group has to be the biggest, and A very exclusive. And that players who might be A’s on other teams are B’s here. When Jorge Guzman was traded, he went from the Yankees’ ninth or tenth ranked prospect to the Marlins’ top ranked.

Pick players from each bracket and put together trade packages. Any who choose to consider the monetary impact should, but this is meant to be a bit less formal.

I passed over players that spent the recent season injured, except for Jonathan Loaisiga. That means no Matt Sauer, Clarke Schmidt, or Nolan Martinez.

That is not to say they wouldn’t be included in any deals, just that their production with the Yankees has been too low to count them as losses. The same is true for players in the system who have lost all real value as prospects, such as Kyle Higashioka.

And some of you will take exception to my groupings. Great, but if you criticize, remember to come up with your own groupings. With all of that in mind, here are most of the Yankees’ top prospects in their likely groups, as well as the ones I hope are still untouchable.