Yankees playoffs: The ALCS and making of the 2017 Baby Bombers

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It’s Easy When You’re not the GM

But that did not conclude the wheeling and dealing. Down to the tense last few days, and with the Yanks making it clear they were going to trade for a front-line starter at the cost of prospects, YanksGoYard repeatedly urged Cash to trade Jorge Mateo for a now pitcher, and keep Estevan Florial.

This from, Yankees need to trade Jorge Mateo and Domingo Acevedo for Sonny Gray:

"But the Yankees pulled a great move earlier this year when they promoted Mateo as the trade market became more present in the minds of GM’s. He responded as his history suggested by having a great two weeks. His status was restored by some after his first game and the positive press has not stopped. They all have talent, but without the attitude and effort issues. If two of these players have to go, and they probably do, Mateo should be the first one out the Yankees door. Especially if it brings back Sonny Gray, Yu Darvish, or Chris Archer."

Seeing the Organization the same as the Yankees

And this from, Yankees have one last chance to learn their lesson from Jorge Mateo:

"Last year at this time Jorge was the Yankees 3rd ranked prospect and 18th overall. But he was also in the middle of a disappointing year. Mateo spent most of 2015 hitting only .268/.338/.378. But he did steal 82 bases. He did worse than regress, however, in 2016, by slashing a mere .254/.306/.379, while stealing fewer than half as many bases (36). Worse yet, he began to show that he has an attitude problem and plays accordingly. His abilities got him named to the Futures Game last year; his position forced the Yankees to suspend him and miss playing in that game. He was not nominated for it this year. Most importantly, the trade scenario is perfect. The Oakland Athletics want to trade Sonny Gray for a centerfielder. Mateo has been playing center at Trenton to rave reviews. That window looks like it opened up again. If the Yankees strike now, they can maximize their entire farm system, trading who they don’t want and keeping the best players for themselves."

It turned out that the Yankees had learned their lesson. They traded Mateo and Dustin Fowler—although they swapped out Acevedo for James Kaprielian—for Gray.

Florial went on to prove himself one of the best players in all the minors, and is already starring in the Arizona Fall League. Mateo has played well since the deal and so hopefully the trade will benefit everyone.