Yankees playoffs: The ALCS and making of the 2017 Baby Bombers

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And Whom Did the Yankees Acquire?

That started a series of articles advising the Yankees, and the fans, on who to add, sometimes to comic effect.

I spent many, many hours researching and writing an article hubristically titled, The Yankees will add two of these relief pitchers before the All-Star game.

Every team and relief pitcher likely to be involved in a trade was looked in to, and articles from Des Moines to Modesto were poured over. The end result was an authoritative, exhaustive work of well over three thousand words.

But I forgot about David Robertson.

That means that not a single line of that piece is worth quoting here, as it did nothing to analyze or forecast the team. I will instead give that honor to reader and commentator Greg Antonacci, who astutely observed:

"There’s a name that wasn’t mentioned in this article, and I’m not sure why, David Robertson. When we were just in Chicago, we were told everyone was available. If there’s a seventh inning man the Yanks know and should love, it’s David. They could reform a big three with Betances and Chapman. It would be costly in terms of prospects (or maybe Brian could talk them into Pineda’s “potential,”) but it’d put the Yanks over the top."

How right you were, and are. And thank god Brian Cashman reads the comments sections, and not just every article that appears on YGY.