The Yankees and their fans are back and better than ever

(Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images)
(Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images) /

The Yankees pulled an improbable comeback against the Astros in ALCS Game Four, and the fans responded. The stadium was jumping, and proved that the Yankees and their fans were back.

The Yankees’ stands are packed with more pinstripe jerseys in sight than suits and blazers. Fans have been loud in every playoff game since the Wild Card Game a little over two weeks ago. Watching the game on TV doesn’t do it justice.

From pitch one on Tuesday night, the crown was animated. Backing its pitchers and cheering on the hitters, while providing some classic New York heckling towards the Astros. As each inning kept passing and the game remained scoreless, the crowd got a little more anxious for something to happen.

Yuri Gurriel took the life out of the stadium with a bases clearing double in the top of the sixth. They added another run when a weak ground ball knocked Starlin Castro, and after the seventh inning stretch, the Yanks were looking at a 4-0 deficit.

The Yankees, and its fans, needed a spark. They needed something to get back into he game. Insert Aaron Judge and a blast to dead centerfield, and Yankee Stadium was alive again. The Yankees biggest player came up when they needed him most, and despite all his criticism, sparked a Yankees rally.

Fast forward to the eight, where most of the magic happened. Todd Frazier ripped a leadoff single, Chase Headley stumbled and tumbled his way into second base, then Brett Gardner drives in a run.

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Insert Aaron Judge yet again, and another great at bat lead to a game tying double. Didi Gregorius singled and Gary Sanchez stepped up with a chance to open the game up, which he did and propelled the Yankees to another win.

When Sanchez drove that ball into right center field, the Stadium erupted. Hands flew into the air, and so did whatever they were holding. Beer, popcorn, French fries were littering the sky and raining down on anyone below, but no one cared. The Yankees had come back, and that’s all that mattered. That ketchup stain will come out of their jersey, and the beer will rinse out of your hair.

CC Sabathia said, “It’s the loudest I’ve ever heard the stadium before.” It was reminiscent on the Old Yankee Stadium, and its glory days from the late 1990’s. Joe Girardi said it reminded him of when he was playing for the Yankees. The Stadium was deafening, and has ears ringing the morning after.

Fans of all races, ages, and backgrounds were high fiving and hugging. Pictures and videos were being taken with complete strangers, with the only bond being the love for the New York Yankees. Chants of “Lets Go Yankees” echoed the walkways after the game ended, with all thumbs pointed toward the ground. It was madness. Controlled and organized, but madness nonetheless.

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This playoff run is something that the New York Yankee fans needed. They haven’t had something to cheer about for years, and this run, along with the teams numerous superstars, is very overdue. This playoff run has brought Yankees fans back, and introduced younger generations how passionate their fans truly are. The Yanks were doubted all season, and are now on the most improbable postseason run in Major League Baseball history.