Yankees playoffs: Baby Bombers prove all things possible for they who try

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The Yankees have arrived in the ALCS well ahead of schedule. And it took almost every member of the roster to do what They said can’t be done. So to the Astros: Be afraid…be very afraid.

The Yankees fought back against terrific odds and obstacles of their own making to win the ALDS. In doing so, they destroyed demons and found redemption. And they proved true what they already seemed to know, that it would take the team to win the series.

By the end of the game on Wednesday, new Yankees playoff heroes had been born. Names such as Chapman and Gregorius, and yes, even Girardi, emerged. They proudly took their places in the Yankees 2017 ALDS Pantheon that already included men such as Tanaka, Bird, and Severino.

And not a minute too soon. But that’s what it takes in the playoffs. It takes a steady player to suddenly become a superstar. Or a man with the guts to make his own redemption, and enter his house justified.

Most of all, it takes the blending of youth and experience, just as Brian Cashman envisioned.

Poise Counts

CC, for instance, finished the second of two solid but unspectacular outings, the kind of steady performances just right for a young but powerful offense.

To wit, the baby bombers have played six postseason games. They’ve scored at least five runs in four of them, and at least seven runs in three games. Keep it together long enough and this team is likely to score runs.

Fortunately, Sabathia knows what it means to play in front of a team like that.

Girardi and the Yankees know that a young and explosive offensive benefit from a steady starter who never loses his composure. And veterans such as CC know you don’t have to excel at all times, not when the talent is on your side.

Now the baby bombers know it, too.