The Yankees, Aaron Judge and the fate of Major League Baseball

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No Habla Ingles: Sammy Sosa

But it is more than all this that put this keyboard on my lap. Going back one more time, the 2000’s were a sad, somber affair both in baseball and with the Yankees. The Yanks continued to win but the staid, business-like manner lost its luster once the team stopped winning championships.

More sobering was that baseball returned to Washington DC in the 2000s, and I don’t mean the Nats. No, the fallout of the steroid era was congressional hearings.

It became a decade of degeneration for the soul of baseball. From high hopes and wagged fingers, to proof positive and leaked lists. Home run heroes became uni-lingual villains and records became the purview of pushers and addicts.

By the 2010s, baseball needed to get past the past and back to being about baseball. And fun.