The Yankees, Aaron Judge and the fate of Major League Baseball

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Gap Tooth and All

But that never happened. And now it is too late. Judge will be in the playoffs and I’m sure we will see his face on MLB commercials long after the Yankees have been eliminated.

Most importantly, it is only now okay to once again be a huge home run hitter. We never see articles about Harper, Trout or Sale maybe being on steroids. That makes it the perfect time to be Aaron Judge, the biggest home run hitter of them all.

Aaron has already done things not seen since the Mick. And he has set the baseball world aright.

Once again the Yankees have the unquestioned baddest home run hitter on the planet. Baseball history says that’s the way it’s supposed to be.

Stanton will finish with more but we all saw the home run derby. And Yankees fans have been treated to their own private show before and since. That Aaron recently beat out Stanton for the first team of the season is supportive of the claim, at least.

But it is not a matter of opinion that Judge is literally the biggest power hitter in the game.