Yankees Clint Frazier (Red Thunder): The Maturation of a Young Man

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Yankees fans of Clint (Red Thunder) Frazier are excited. He is an exciting five tool player. Have you ever heard what he does off the field of play?

The Yankees Clint Frazier (video) has made a name for himself on the baseball field in a short time. We remember the shot of his mom (Kim Frazier) in the stands openly weeping as her son just hit his first home run. The pride in his father’s (Mark Frazier) eyes as his son delivered that shot into the stands. The raw excitement of his big sister (Taylor Frazier) watching her little brother succeed. Just made one feel good seeing it.

The story of this family has not always been all smiles. Clint and his sister enjoyed the life of an upper middle-class family in Loganville, Georgia, with a population of 11,674. Tyler attend a private Christian school, a luxury to most families.  Life was good for the Frazier’s. Kim and Mark are devoted parents. Mark coached Clint Frazier every step of the way along his young baseball career. Kimmie ( as she is known by her family) would be seen out in the yard for hours on hours throwing batting practice to her red-headed son


All of the Frazier family’s hard work and effort paid off for Clint Frazier. The awards started rolling in his senior year. Clint was the 2013 Gatorade National Player of the Year for baseball and recipient of the Jackie Robinson’s Perfect Game National Player of the Year award.  In 2013 the Cleveland Indians selected him as the number five pick in the 2013 amateur players draft. Clint Frazier received a 3.5 million dollar signing bonus.

Things started to unravel for the Frazier’s back in 2009. Mark lost his long time sales place, to an economic downturn. Forced to live off family savings and retirement savings the family struggled to meet financial obligations. Another job appeared out of nowhere and helped stabilize this family. This allowed them to make that journey to San Diego, to see their son and brother receive the Jackie Robinson Award.

Unbeknownst, to the Yankees Clint Frazier. Ron Frazier would lose another job, to a downturn in the economy. Clint went off to live his dream of becoming a major league baseball player. He was struggling in his minor league début in the Indian’s organization. Word finally arrive of his family’s financial struggles, from a friend back home. He could not believe that his family did not tell him of their misfortune. He immediately contacted his financial advisor and arranged for his family’s money nightmare to be a thing of the past. That occurred before Clint Frazier (video) was even out of his teens.