The Yankees farm report: The playoffs and beyond

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Eastern Division Champions Pulaski

The Pulaski Yankees won their Eastern Division and made it to their overall finals. And although they were swept two straight to end their season, some still left their marks.

And they did win a postseason series. While SP Deivi Garcia was a let down in the first game, LF Dario “unda-armour” Unda and CF Frederick Cuevas contributed significantly in a losing cause (6-5).

Eric Wagaman also contributed, collecting one each of a run, hit, and RBI. It was a sign of things to come. He would come back in the next game with a similar line, except he added one home run.

Between him and Cuevas, they made sure Luis Medina’s five innings of no-run ball would stand up (6-4).

Wagaman remained the offensive engine and drove the Yankees to victory in game three (two for three with a run, a double, and a walk). But it was SP Dalton Lehnen’s six innings of two hit, seven strikeouts, shutout ball that won the semifinal series (2-0).

Short; Not Sweet

The finals were more brief, and with fewer Yankees heroes. Eric was the only consistent offensive player in the short set, but it was the starting pitching that imploded. The team lost 12-1 in the first game and 9-8 in the second.

There was only one Pulaski Post-season All-Star: Manager Luis Dorante. It helps to explain how a team with no players of merit could wind up with the second best record in the Appy (41-26) and make it all the way to the finals.

Now on to the struggles in the Carolinas.