The Yankees farm report: The playoffs and beyond

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Yankees minor league players and teams have done well this year. But it’s in their truncated playoffs that we seek to spot future Yankees.

The Yankees spend September dreaming of the playoffs. The minor league teams spend September playing in the ’offs. And as one could imagine with all the talent in the Yankees system, all but one of their teams made the 2017 playoffs.

This is important to the organization. Brian Cashman and Director of Player Development Gary Denbo have already decreed that winning is more important than individual efforts. They want the players to go through as many championship tournaments as possible, as that is the real Yankees tryout.

So, the teams need to win. And those who play their best will lead their teams and get the notice they crave.

Players who had good seasons can intrigue evaluators with a superlative-laced postseason, while absentee and even weak players can redeem a lost summer. But if you can come in after a great season and elevate your game in the playoffs, even Keith Law will notice that.

We’ll meet all those types in this review. And you’ll recognize many names from the most recent farm report, for those who had a week off to read it.

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Along with playoffs, the end of the regular season brings with it honors and awards. Once again, the Yankees earned their fair share. And not all of those awards were for the players; managers, trainers, and even a playing field was recognized for excellence.

There are still three teams contending for their respective crowns: Trenton, Staten Island, and Scranton Wilkes/Barre. We will cover them up to this point in their playoffs, along with any awards or honors, and return to them in a week or so when their seasons are completed.

One note to avoid confusion. There are players, such as Nick Solak and Estevan Florial, who are playing in one league but won awards in another. If you get confused, just leave an angry message in the comments section.

And so we start with the first Yankees championship of 2017.