Yankees Aaron Judge has become the focus of extremists

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Yankees players live and work in the spotlight. But sometimes that attention is unwanted…and dangerous.

The Yankees draw all kinds of fans. As they say, there’s room in the stadium for all. And those fans can have wildly different priorities and perspectives. The watchword of the new age is acceptance.

Take my wonderful and perfect wife, CC. Just yesterday we were watching the Yankees beat the Orioles. In the fifth inning, as the Yankees were in the middle of a rally and Ken Singleton was extolling the virtues of Luis Severino (from the previous day’s start), CC saw something.

This was not an ordinary something. It was so severe that we had to stop the game and the attendant commentary. From my point of view, this must be pretty damn important to interrupt the game at that moment.

Fortunately, it was. CC knew that I would want to stop watching the actual baseball game, and hearing a favorite Yankees broadcaster talk about baseball, to analyze the olive skin of a random person visible in a random camera shot.

Even better, we spent the next few minutes, the outcome of the inning frozen before me, comparing this nameless person’s skin to a famous model. Not famous to me, but, I really should pay more attention to these things. I can see where that has incredible value in my life.

Reflecting on it now, almost 24 hours later, it still seems well worth the interruption. And I would write that whether or not I knew for a fact, my wife read my articles. I love you, honey.

Sincerity as Far as the Eye Can See

So, I know that there are many different types of Yankees fans, with all kinds of priorities. Which brings us to Aaron Judge. Last week it was revealed he is dating a young lady.

I glanced at the headlines about their being at the US Open and an even quicker glance at her picture; it was a very quick look, baby, I swear. Now, I like Aaron Judge. He has played great for the Yankees, and he seems like a nice young man.

When I saw the news, I thought, how nice for him and her. Good luck and I hope it doesn’t screw up his game in any way. If I saw him on the street with his current girlfriend, and we had a private moment, I might be tempted to high-five him. Maybe a fist bump.

Would a Hug be out of the Question?

But there are those who see things a bit differently, who have different priorities and perspectives. I’ve seen the entire Sex in the City series; again, I’m married. So I know how some of the women of New York view any new, young Yankee. And Aaron Judge is not just any new, young Yankees player.

He’s a rich, famous, millionaire athlete with a body like Hercules and an Opie Taylor attitude. That makes some of the women of NYC want to be either his mommy or his lover. Or both.

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You can hear the “eews” from Arthur Avenue to Canarsie. But that doesn’t make it any less true.

Some of these women even have the attitude that every woman I have ever dated or married has had. And that is a decidedly negative view of my past girlfriends.

I have learned that these were not perfectly lovely young ladies; no, no, no. I know now that every woman I was ever with before my wonderful, sainted CC were not ladies at all.

That kind of thinking can shade a fan’s view on things. For instance, CC’s first response to the news about Aaron and his harmless looking lady was some low grade threat. Right out of the gate. Without knowing anything about this young lady.

She warned that she better be a nice person who is not just out for Judge’s money. And I’m not sure exactly what she means. Does my normally peaceful wife mean that she will take some personal and physical revenge?

Is she going to hunt this woman down, or just hate her from afar? And how much will I be expected to hate her on a daily basis?

Fool’s Paradise

Fortunately for me, I don’t have to be jealous. CC has assured me she would much rather be with me and my rotund belly, and that big muscles scare her. So I got that goin’ for me.

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But that doesn’t account for some of the women in New York. Now, if any of the women with that kind of attitude were to meet Aaron on the street with his young, beautiful, curvaceous girlfriend, they might have a different response from mine.

Some of them might take a quiet moment with her to issue a very dangerous and real threat. As everyone is different, these threats might take various forms. Some might threaten to kill her, while others might issue a simple good-old beat down threat.

The ones you have to watch out for are the people who get specific. When someone thinks enough about how much they hate you to figure out exactly what body parts they want to cut off of you, that person needs to be on a watch list somewhere.

The 50 State Area is More Like It

What I am worried about is if it just doesn’t work out. What will some of these women of NYC do to a younger, more beautiful woman who hurt Aaron Judge, even without malice of forethought? She might have to move back to Jersey. Or Montana.

Let’s just say she would not be safe anywhere in the tri-state area and leave it at that.

Some call Aaron Judge the new Derek Jeter. But in his dating habits, he is decidedly different. Derek treated dating like a married Arab prince. He smuggled his dates in under cover of night and shipped them off before sunrise with a fruit basket and a smile.

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You might see his girlfriends on the cover of Maxim, but not on the street with him.

Aaron is doing it in more of an old-fashioned American way. But that brings only scrutiny and, in some cases, suspicion and hatred. It does pay to learn from the legends of the past.

I’m not saying that anyone would hurt Aaron Judge or his current girlfriend, or that there are any unreasonable women in New York. Land a Goshen, I would never suggest anything of the sort. But that doesn’t mean their next shared date shouldn’t be some sort of couples self-defense class.

And as my wife just said, the instructor better be nice to him!

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