Yankees must never forget Barry Bonds, the needle, and the damage done

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A-Rod: I am Your Father

Finally, Mr. Jaffe argues that the numbers put up by Bonds deserve appreciation because no one else seems likely to break them. Since his records seem unassailable, Yankees fans will be better off accepting Bonds’ accomplishment as facts of life.

That’s a good tack with the flat earth crowd, but not the right approach to this situation.

Similar to his previous point, Mr. Jaffe encourages us to appreciate the greatness of Bonds the cheater, hardly a recommendation for the HoF. He points out that no current power hitter is on pace to even approach the home run totals Bonds amassed.

Well, that’s true, but that is most likely because they are not injecting themselves in bathroom stalls on a nightly basis. Jaffe’s unspoken advice to younger players is, if they would only follow Bonds example, then they could break his records and take his place…as the biggest cheater in baseball.

I hope no Yankees follow Mr. Jaffe’s clear implications to play out baseball’s version of an Oedipus Complex.