Yankees: These are radical times and they demand radical changes

Aaron Judge (Photo by David Maxwell/Getty Images)
Aaron Judge (Photo by David Maxwell/Getty Images) /
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Aaron Judge (Photo by David Maxwell/Getty Images) /

The Yankees lineup has been twisted, juggled, and turned upside down to get the offense moving. But when your big three all plunge into the abyss at the same time, is there anything to do but kneel at the altar and pray?

The Yankees, in their last ten games, have scored thirty-one runs and eight of those came in one game. The team’s Big Three, of Aaron Judge, Gary Sanchez, and Clint Frazier have all hit the skids at one time, and there doesn’t appear to be a breaking out point for any of them.

Joe Girardi appears to be as perplexed as anyone as he sorts through his bag of dwindling tricks to shake up his lineup, watching his team slog through a 4-6 record over their last ten games.

For those who would rather see the cup half full, Aaron Hicks is due back soon, Greg Bird is making progress, and Starlin Castro is taking batting practice, although neither has a timetable attached to their return.

And Yankees fans should be happy to hear the pitching staff has the best ERA in the major leagues for the month of August. A lot of good it’s doing the team though if the offense isn’t behind them. The Big Three has to come through for the Yankees to thrive and not just survive. Here’s a breakdown on each of them as I see it. You won’t like it, and neither do I., but this has gone on long enough.