Yankees: If only they weren’t on Jay Bruce’s no-trade list

Jay Bruce (Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images)
Jay Bruce (Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images) /

The Yankees may have noticed that Jay Bruce is eligible to be traded after clearing waivers. It’s likely he will get traded, and the Yankees are one team that could use him.

With Matt Holliday on the disabled list, the Yankees have themselves a predicament at the DH position. The team just doesn’t seem to have a concrete replacement for him at the moment. Will it be Gardner? Will it be recently-called Garrett Cooper? Whoever it is, they need to light a fire under this team to get them going offensively.

The Yankees strongest facet this whole season has been their batting. Now it seems like no one can catch a hot streak, except for Didi Gregorius. Judge just hit his first home run in August but hasn’t shown his brilliance since the All Star Break.

Nevertheless. The Yankees continue their pursuit of first place in the division and hope to bring the offense back to its greatness. While the Yankees are three games in back of Boston, victory is still very much in reach.

Where can a spark come from?

As I mentioned before, the Yankees need a spark under them to get them going on the right track. Whether that comes from within the organization or outside, they need one badly before things get out of hand. That’s where we come to the theme of this article: Jay Bruce. The Mets, by most standards, are a tire fire.

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However, that doesn’t mean they don’t have any valuable assets the Yankees could use. Jay Bruce is one of those players that would be highly beneficial to the Yankees roster. While a natural outfielder, the Mets have been rolling with him at first since Lucas Duda was traded.

The Yankees, most likely, would look to solve the current DH issue by implementing Bruce in that position. And anybody that has been watching would know that he is up there with the best of the hitters this year. He’s currently batting .260, but he has a very promising 29 home runs on the year.

He would add a pop to the batting order that they so desperately need in this slump. While it seems Holliday will only be out on the 10-day disabled list, it’s uncertain what will happen when and if he returns. It could be much worse than the organization expects, or it could work out alright.

Either way, the Yankees can’t afford to deal with hypotheticals right now. Bruce would certainly be the addition they need to get going.

Now that your hopes (hopefully) are up let’s crush them

Like most big-name players, Jay Bruce has a select list of teams that he would and could block a move to. The Yankees are one of the teams on this exact list. Now, does that mean he couldn’t be convinced to agree to a trade to the Bronx?

Of course, he always could change his mind and see an opportunity for himself with the Yankees. When he submitted the list, it’s possible he felt he wouldn’t see significant playing time because of the logjam in the outfield already. But, with the current situation, it’s possible Bruce ok’s a deal to the Yankees.

But, that doesn’t mean Brian Cashman has him on his radar. Seeing that the Yankees are on the no-trade list, it’s likely Cashman won’t even entertain the idea or reach out to the Mets. While Bruce and his bat would be a great welcome to the team, I just don’t think it’ll happen. He will be traded, just not to the Yankees. Which is unfortunate because they would a better team with him, at least on paper. This leaves one other option for the DH dilemma.

The solution must come from inside

Garrett Cooper seems like he will be given the shot by Joe Girardi, at least for the time being. While he may not get the DH spot, he will fill in wherever he can so that others can step up to the plate.

It seems like Girardi has chosen Gardner to fill Holliday’s cleats, at least he did on Sunday. It seems like Joe has elected to use a constant change method at the DH position until Holliday returns.

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While I believe many would rather give Bruce a try, barring a high cost, of course, it seems the Yankees are comfortable in relying on their current staff to step in and change the tides.

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