Yankees: How are dates for make-up games decided?

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The Yankees faced two rain delays in Wednesday’s game against the Tigers. The game ultimately was completed. But what if it had been postponed. Who decides on the date the game is to be made up?

The Yankees, over the course of a season, face the inevitable conflicts with weather forcing the postponement of a game. Rainchecks are issued to all attending fans that are good for the rescheduled game, or in most cases, tickets can be exchanged for another game on the schedule.

No harm, and usually, no foul. What drew my attention to this topic, though, was a situation in Boston on Wednesday night in which the Red Sox game against the Indians was postponed due to inclement weather.

Weather forecasts throughout the day had accurately predicted the rain would stop at approximately 10:00 PM EST. There was a discussion about starting the game then, but the Red Sox made the fan friendly decision to call the game instead of having families leaving the ballpark at 1:00 in the morning. So far, so good.

But then, the discussion turned to a makeup date and all of a sudden a meeting at the United Nations was almost necessary. Come to find out and what I didn’t know is that the Player’s Association takes over at this point.

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In the above scenario, Andrew Miller of the Indians, acting as the alternate for Corey Kluber who had left earlier returning to Cleveland to face the Yankees on Thursday, and Dustin Pedroia, Boston’s player rep met to negotiate a makeup date.

It turned out the date wasn’t a snag but the starting time of the game quickly became one. The agreed upon date of August 14 is a Monday, and it follows an ESPN Sunday Night Baseball telecast of a game between the Yankees and Red Sox.

Flying home following that game, Pedroia figured his team would not hit their pillows until around five in the morning, and therefore, he was pushing for a normal 7:10 PM start for the makeup game. Miller and the Indians, who would fly home after the makeup game, pushed for an earlier start. Finally, a start time of 6:10 PM EST was agreed on.

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Which led me to wonder who the Yankees player’s reps are. Searching forever on the internet uncovered no answers. My guess is it would be Brett Gardner with maybe CC Sabathia as an alternate. Can anyone solve this mystery for me and others who are curious?

And if you were ever curious about how makeup dates are selected, there’s your answer.

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