Yankees Brian Cashman and the judgment of the present hour

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The Yankees Brian Cashman has now crafted the organization according to His plan. And we are left to speak of it and think of it, with a sense of Yankees pride.

Yankees GM Brian Cashman has brought about a vast and wonderful change. And it wasn’t easy; being a GM means every fan and hack with a keyboard can and will assail his every decision, wounding Him in the house of his friends.

Some even thought of Him as dull and indifferent to the trading deadline.

But now we see Him as zealous and determined: Determined to build a championship club this year, and for years to come. The job he has done is in some respects remarkable. If there are World Series and victory parades in the next decade, wise and thoughtful women will make a note of this occasion with gratitude and appreciation.

Now, measuring the magnitude of the work before him, it is clear that the Baseball Gods rarely sent any man better fitted for his mission than Brian Cashman, perhaps save Branch Rickey. And all that is left for us is to recount His accomplishments. Here is the future path now laid before us by Cashman.


Cash has created a real championship contender for this year. Even Greg Bird now looks likely to return this season, solving the first base problem. That is not to say the Yankees will win anything, even the division. But, still, that is quite a distance to travel in one season: From playoff hopeful to possible World Series contender.

The Yankees might not cross the river Jordan this year, but they have moved much closer to the promised land.