Yankees will lose Aaron Judge forever starting next week

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The Field of Dreams

Now Judge has played his way into the All-Star game and Home Run Derby. When he walks out onto the field for the first time, he will step into a larger world, one that will welcome this marketing dream with open arms and hands filled with great big wads of sweaty cash.

I am sure that Aaron will make good decisions but, good or bad, he will forever be a part of the baseball world as a whole.

His monster size will make a monster impression. Other All-Star teammates will either want a picture with him or be asked to take one, as always to show the unique difference. Being the biggest, strongest person in a sport always makes a significant impact on the minds of many. That alone will elevate this man of stature.

And he doesn’t have to do anything at the game. He likely comes in as the MLB home run king. Power always impresses, and Judge might have more raw power than we have seen since Mickey Mantle. When Judge shows up for his first BP, advertising executives and wall street suits will be there to shake his hand.

And viewers will tune in because he is in the home run contest, whether he performs well or not. The Home Run Derby is about to get its highest rating.