Yankees: Their Top Five second basemen over the last half-century

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The man in waiting……

Starlin Castro has all that it takes to eclipse all of the Yankees second baseman previously mentioned, hands down.

From 2011, when he posted 207 hits as a 21-year old shortstop for the Chicago Cubs, until today when his name appears more than once on the Top Ten leader board in the American League as the second baseman for the Yankees, this guy is special.

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Still only 27, we still don’t know what Castro’s ceiling will be and if you go by the metric that says a ballplayers max years are from 28-32, the best of Castro is yet to come.

Already, Castro has collected 1,238 hits in a major league uniform, and he is well on his way to amassing 200 hits in a season in 2017.

Not to go unnoticed, he also has some pop in his bat and has joined his Yankees teammates in double-figure dinger category with twelve to go along with 45 runs batted in from a position where you usually don’t expect it.

Add to that the fact that he’s also played in 69 of the Yankees 70 games and you have a developing horse that will provide security and comfort at his position for years to come.

As with The Judge, the jury may well deliberate for a while before proclaiming him as anything other than what he is, which is a darn good second baseman in a league that has only a few.

But the upside on Castro remains huge and the Yankees would to well to do anything they need to to keep him in the Pinstripes for years to come.