Yankees: Five players who will help the team before the year is out

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The Yankees, like all teams in baseball, are not destined to make it through an entire season with the 25-man roster they began the year with. Here are five players who have yet to play a game for the team, but will have a positive impact on the Yankees by season’s end.

The Yankees will soon join the parade of teams looking to strengthen their team in preparation for a stretch run to a playoff appearance. or even in some cases, to prepare for the 2018 season because (ssh) this season is all but lost.

More than once, more than umpteen times, the Yankees have said they will not sacrifice their farm system even if it means sacrificing the season. Whether or not they actually believe that is another question that only team execs are privy to.

Nevertheless, in a few weeks, the Yankees will need to let at least some of the cat out of the bag. Because if anything, the last week or so has proven that the team indeed does have holes that need to be filled.

How Brian Cashman accomplishes filling the holes is a matter for him to solely decide on along with Hal Steinbrenner if there’s money involved.

But one thing is for sure. The team that takes the field for the games played in September, and hopefully, in October, will not be comprised of the same faces we see now.

Here then are five players who will arrive while others depart of their own volition, through trades, or demotions that will construct a new team that the Yankees will take with them to close out the 2017 season.