Yankees: Four players with value who should be traded

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The Yankees continue to insist that unless they get blown away by another team’s offer for a trade, they’ll be sitting tight until the offseason. But here are four players the team should consider trading now before it’s too late.

The Yankees, led by General Manager Brian Cashman, seem to be quite content with the 25-man roster and the depth of replacements at the minor league level that has jettisoned them into first place in the American League East.

And in spite of Hal Steinbrenner’s recent attempt to engage in trade doublespeak, there is no reason to believe that the Yankees won’t stick to their guns, making moves only when they are forced to as the season develops.

On the surface, the Yankees would appear to be standing on firm ground in the stance they are taking. Because not only is the team producing a surprising number of wins on the field, there are no hiccups off the field or in the clubhouse.

The veterans on the team are taking care of the young guys on the team, and the Baby Bombers are wowing the veterans with their professionalism and contributions to the team as a whole. There has yet to appear even one story in the media in which a player whines about this or that.

And over the long haul of a season, that alone cannot be overestimated when it comes to having a winning formula on any team.

Despite all of that, there are a few players on the 40-man roster who should be considered in a trade. Each has their set of circumstances that accounts for this reasoning. And with the 40-man roster crunch coming sooner rather than later, the Yankees stand a chance to cash in on these players now, but later, maybe not so much.

Here then are four players who should be moved by the Yankees before August 1.