Yankees will find out only now what they are made of

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Another Day of Judgment is Coming Soon

If this is the bottom for Judge, we can look forward to another homer barrage soon. That alone can carry a team. But it might not have to. There were days, not long ago, the Yankees line-up had six or seven guys with BA’s starting with the number three. We all wondered how long that would go on and how many players were going to crash back to reality.

That seems to have happened and the damage has been somewhat contained. Yes, Romine and Headley and Torreyes and Ellsbury are all below three. But that still leaves four players (Judge, Hicks, Castro and Gregorius) hitting well above that mark, while Torreyes is just barely below it at .298.

And while Sanchez has poor numbers, the fact is the Yankees accomplished most of their winning without one of the best young players in the game. He has a power-hitting streak due and can carry the Yankees by himself, as we all saw late last year.