Yankees will find out only now what they are made of

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Yankees players have given plenty of indications of their talents. We have seen low ERA’s and bloated batting averages. There have been big home runs and a barrage of base-stealing attempts. But that was all on the outside.

Now, with the onset of the Yankees first losing streak of the season, we will get to see what these have players are like on the inside. Now we will see if this is going to be a special Yankees team.

The 2017 Yankees season so far reminds me, somewhat, of Risky Business. Left alone, with few paying attention to him, Tom Cruise invites over some young friends and some free agents, and a huge party ensues. For those who have not seen the film, you will have to trust me that there is, even more, scoring in the movie than the Yankees have done this season.

At one point, in the cold light of day, when the party is over and the time of reflection is at hand, Joey “Pants” Pantoliano asks Tom, “Time of your life, huh kid?!”

That’s what it has been like for the Yankees and Yankees fans. Up until a few days ago almost every question going into the season was answered with a yes. Will Severino bounce back and be the guy we saw in 2015? Can Aaron Judge figure out the strike zone and become a power hitter? Will Pineda become consistent? Is there any hope Headley can get off to a better start than he did last year?

That list could keep on going. And man has it been fun, a real Yankees Stadium party. They have the biggest and best power hitter in baseball in Aaron Judge. There are three guys—Tanaka, Severino, Pineda—who are pitching like front-line starters. And they have proven their organizational depth. As of three games ago, that all added up to a 21-9 record. Rock on, rocker.