5 best farewell videos for Yankees legend Derek Jeter

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Thank You, New York, is brought to you by Jeter’s digital publishing company, The Players’ Tribune. This love letter of sorts is told directly from Jeter himself, even if random citizens of New York speak the story at intermittent times.

This video wasn’t quite as hard-hitting for me, probably because Jeter is on-screen for all of 15 seconds. But what it lacks in emotion, it captures in essence.

From the beautiful sweeping shots of the Manhattan skyline to the real-life grittiness of a place where almost 8.5 million people reside, it’s hard to not appreciate the candor Jeter delivers about his love affair with New York.

Jeter speaks about his humble beginnings as a “Kid from Kalamazoo,” and how the city that never sleeps turned him into a man.

My favorite portion of the commercial is when Jeter begins with the line, “One code that truly makes this city go.”

"Get up each day, put on your uniform, go to work, do your best, and don’t make excuses. That’s all New York ever really asks for. And that’s what I tried to do."

You didn’t just try, Derek. You succeeded in the biggest way possible. All New Yorker’s, past or present, can’t help but be filled with pride because of you.