Yankees in utero Torres, Frazier and Adams pushing through

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Clint Frazier is Starting to Push

Frazier had a superb, if unspectacular, spring training. He batted .273 and slugged .432. More important is that he filled up almost every column. Of his 12 hits, he had a triple and homer, as well as two doubles. He scored seven runs, drove in 8 and even stole three without getting caught. That’s not bad for his first Yankees camp.

One column, however, was under filled while another was over stuffed. He did not walk once, but he did manage to strike out 13 times in 44 at-bats. While all of his numbers needed to improve, those last two needed serious work. Now it looks like the work is paying off.

Clint has his average up to .269. That is not a high standard but is way up from a season-low of .212 just ten days ago, or so. That shows just how well he has been hitting as of late. And his other numbers show a budding power hitter just about ready to blossom. He currently has 25 hits, just about twice as many as he had in the spring. Only these hits have resulted in eleven doubles and four home runs.

Frazier is second on the team with 48 total bases and has driven in as many runs as he has scored himself: 17. The strikeouts are still too high—25 in more than double the AB’s from spring—but there are once again two relevant categories. He has slowed the game down and drawn 15 walks, and now has an OBP higher than his average (.371).

Less is More

And this time his unfilled column is a major strength; Clint has zero errors. That might seem easy for an outfielder. But CF Dustin Fowler has three in one fewer games played while Mark Payton, who splits time in left, has two in only 19 games. Frazier’s defense is ready for a tryout in the Bronx; it is too early to tell if his offense is. He could be having just a few good days.

On the other hand, Frazier might be at the start of actually figuring it out. Remember that Clint only played half a season at Triple-A last year and it would be normal to need 500 AB’s to conquer the level. And you should also remember that Judge says Frazier hits home runs a lot farther than he does.

So, if he is beginning to fulfill the promise, his power numbers and error-free play will mark him as ready for his chance.

Right now that means nothing. It seems all the Yankees are competing for playing time, which is perfect for Yankees and Yankees fans. But they all know that a high draft pick, whom their GM has gushed over in the press, is at Triple-A. If someone goes into a slump, he might lose playing time that never returns.

And the infield seems likely to start feeling that pressure, as well. Gleyber Torres is back and playing like Gleyber Torres.