Yankees: I’m enjoying the season, but where’s my ticket stub?

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Do the Yankees even print tickets anymore?  Because, as one of those fans who like to hold a real ticket in their hand when they enter the Stadium, I’m at a loss as to how I can do that these days.

The Yankees seem to have forgotten about a segment of their fans who like to hand a real live ticket to the attendant at the turnstile when they enter Yankee Stadium. And those same fans like to stuff the “stub” in their pocket so that when they return home from the game, they can put it with all the other stubs they’ve collected over the years.

And it doesn’t matter that those ticket stubs will be stored in a place where you’d have to look hard to find them, or that after we’re long gone from this planet, anyone stumbling upon them will look in exasperation as to what they should do with them.

Nor does it matter that I am in possession of two Yankees ticket stubs that have value on E-Bay if I wanted to sell them. And that’s because they’re “real” tickets to the last game played at the Old Yankee Stadium and the first game played at the New Yankee Stadium in April 2009.

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Or, that both of these tickets measure 6″ long and almost 3″ wide and they effectively commemorate the historical impact of the game that was played that day. I would never sell either of them, but they belong in the same personal space I keep as the $5 ticket stub from the Beatles concert I went to at Shea Stadium in 1965.

My millennial Yankees ticket

In 2017 though, the last time I attended a Yankees game I ordered a ticket through the Yankees authorized ticket scalper, Stubhub. Dutifully, they sent me an email acknowledging my purchase indicating that I could print out an 8X11 “ticket,” complete with a barcode that would allow me access to the game.

Or, they said, don’t even bother to do that. Just download an “App” that will allow you to “scan” your “ticket,” and all you have to do is “present” your phone when you enter the ballpark and cyberspace will do the rest.

Because I’m a septuagenarian who is “with it,” I chose, of course, to join the horde of millennial fans entering the ballpark at the same time I was in “flashing” my phone, and sure enough, the turnstile clicked, and I was “in.”

My phone and my ticket to everywhere

Never mind, though, that when the usher asked to see my ticket, I had to summon up the App again on my phone before the ever diligent Yankees Gestapo ushers would allow me entrance to my seating area.

Nor, did it aggravate me that every time I went to the concession stands or the restroom, I needed to go through the same process.

Except that it did aggravate me. And not only that, but I didn’t have my ticket stub to take home with me so I could put it in the same place I’ve stored all the other tickets I’ll never look at again.

And if the Yankees weren’t setting my heart on fire this season, I’d be first in line to organize a protest forcing the organization to “rebate” my ticket stub. But, that’s just me.