Yankees Analysis: Aaron Judge Has Stanton Like Power


Yankees’ rookie Aaron Judge has hit ten home runs this season already. With the exit velocity he keeps hitting, he is already drawing comparisons to Giancarlo Stanton.

So, the Yankees right fielder, Aaron Judge, is pretty darn good. Not only has he hit ten home runs in the early season to tie the rookie record in April, but he’s also destroyed most of them. He’s got power. He’s gone from striking out almost every appearance to now hitting a homer nearly every time at the plate.

Now, he swings his bat like he would strike down a gavel. To say he gets all of the ball is an understatement. He’s clearly been the Yankees’ star of the season so far.

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Many people like to compare young prospects to already well-established stars. So it’s no surprise the same is being done to him and Giancarlo Stanton. Baseball fans already know full well what that comparison could mean, a whole heap of power.

He is known for crushing balls out of stadiums while also being defensively sound. Always a home run derby favorite, Stanton’s power is mostly unmatched.

Let’s Compare the Two

Now, I’m not going to try and compare them with career statistics because that’s not my goal. Rather, it’s to prove who is better, because Stanton obviously is already. I want to see how much Judge will be like him. They’re similar in height: Stanton at 6’6 and Judge at 6’7. Stanton is three years older than Judge is and obviously has quite a few more years experience than he does.

They also both bat and throw right. A glaring difference is actually in their weight comparisons. Stanton weighs 245 while Judge weighs 282 pounds. Clearly, that’s not ‘fat’ on Judge’s build but athletic weight. Build-wise they’re pretty similar which is a good sign, despite the weight difference.

Video Courtesy of the YES Network

If Judge can consistently hit bombs that float well over 400 feet, then it’s not a stretch to assume he will have ‘Stanton power.’ It’s highly likely Judge will be wanted as a participant in the Home Run Derby. I would hope he opts not to as there always seems to be an adverse effect on a player’s swing afterward.

It’s also probable, even this early, that he will be Rookie of the Year if he keeps this up. Judge has been a huge part of this Yankees’ offense, and they’re doing well even without Gary Sanchez. I don’t think it’s a stretch to assume that once he returns, this offense, led by Judge chiefly, will be downright scary.

A Future Designated-Hitter?

Judge has earned his spot in right field so far this season. He’s done well defensively, but when he’s at the plate, it’s magical. The kid has everything a manager could want when it comes to the DH position. He’s well-disciplined at the plate, and when he gets all of the ball, he makes it pay. Apparently, Matt Holliday is not losing the DH spot as he has also done fairly well.

But, when he is gone who is to take his spot?  Judge clearly has the most power on the team, so it makes sense to put him there. But, there has to be someone that can replace him in right.

Should the Yankees manage to get the much sought after  Bryce Harper, it may make things easier. If they can get an established star to play right and eventually move Judge to designated-hitter, there’s no doubt the ‘Evil Empire’ could rise again.

Of course, Judge can also go the true Stanton route. Continue establishing his power at the plate while also being an excellent right fielder. He certainly hasn’t disappointed in the outfield it’s just not what he’s being praised for, aside from his incredible diving catch into the Fenway stands. If this isn’t Aaron Judge at his best yet, there’s no-telling how good he will be.

He could be right up there with Stanton as players who smash baseballs and do it without the use of steroids. Judge has Stanton power, and it doesn’t appear to be going away anytime soon.