Yankees Analysis: What A Change A Week Does Make

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Last week, the Yankees were off to a terrible start with a 1-4 record. This week the tides have turned, the Yankees have won their last 6 and are now 7-4 on the season.

Well, it appears the sky is not actually falling. Opening week it serred as though the Yankees were already doomed. Two bad starts from Tanaka was a sign of what was possible to follow. Now, the Yankees have done a complete 180.

The offense has been poured on, comebacks have been made, and the pitching has been good. It seems the troubles the Yankees struggled with in the first week have gone by the wayside for now. Even Michael Pineda, who’s head had been called for in his horrific first start, turned around. He put up a dominant performance in his second start and looked like a completely different pitcher.

Certainly, there’s many things from this past week that Yankees fans should be happy about. Even when it serred things couldn’t get any worse with Sanchez also being put on the disabled-list, it only inspired the Yankees to win.

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Masahiro Tanaka also turned around his rough start as well. Even though he had given a few runs in his third start, he still showed some flashes of greatness. He seems to have put his terrible Opening Day performance behind him and is starting to return to form. That will only make the team better and stronger as weeks go by.

The Elephant In the Room

With all the positives the team has provided during their 6-game win streak, there’s still an issue that needs to be talked about. Greg Bird. Now, this I’m by no means calling for Bird to lose his starting spot at first base. It’s still way too early for that to be a question.

But needless to say, he’s off to a rough start offensively. Given what he showed in Spring Training, this is not the real Greg Bird we’re seeing now. He hasn’t locked into the season yet and he’s been struggling heavily.

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Perhaps it’s nerves since taking over Texeira’s spot or perhaps it’s just a minor slump. Either way, Bird knows he has to do better. He’s the first base starter now and he has to own it. He has to prove to Joe Girardi that he belongs and Chris Carter is not the man to take his spot away. And what better way to do that then heating up his offense.

I have no worry that he will inevitably turn it around, he has that much upside. It’ll take some time and some patience from the Yankees staff and fans, but it’ll be worth it. If you get Bird going, this offense can do some major damage more than they already are on their win streak.

What To Expect Now

Admittedly and unfortunately, this win streak won’t last forever. It’s probable that the Yankees will at least lose one game in the coming week.

That’s just the way statistics seem to work regarding wins and losses. The best thing is that they don’t just harp on this impressive streak. If they drop a whole bunch of games after the streak is over, it seems all for nothing.

If they take a loss or two and finish the week on the positive side of the record, it’s just as great. Should this win streak be who the Yankees really are this season, then buckle up because it should be quite a fun season.