Yankees: Four Reasons Why They’ll Make The Playoffs In 2017

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This Team Has Multi-Tiered Levels Of Depth

The Yankees organization is filled with rising stars almost to the point of it being a problem because they don’t know what to do with half the talent they have in their minor league system.

But over the course of a six-month season, that dirge of talent becomes a huge plus, and the Yankees are poised to take full advantage using the real “Wild Card” in this year’s pennant race.

Injuries will occur, except that the Yankees are stocked full with replacements wherever and whenever they happen. Options are and will continue to be a consideration when a player needs to be called up, and occasionally a player with fewer options will be left behind.

But from the team’s perspective, that’s the beauty of it because if it means calling up Dustin Fowler instead of Aaron Judge and his 20 home runs to date, the Yankees lose little in the transaction because they are also getting quality with Fowler.

The Yankees burned up the Transaction Wire last year, but we ain’t seen nothing yet once the season gets underway. It might be wise even for the Yankees to have a charter airplane sitting on the runway in Scranton and one in Westchester County to run players back and forth.

The team can also take full advantage of the disabled list to give struggling players a few days to sort things out while bringing in fresh talent from the farm. When for instance, Jacoby Ellsbury hits a skid, the Yankees can put him on the short-term disabled list with a “strained right calf, ” and no one would notice, especially since it’s an injury that’s almost impossible to diagnose. Every team does it, and you can be sure the Yankees will as well.

The Yankees will want to run the shuttle as often as they can for another reason as well. And that’s to allow the players in the minors, many of whom will probably arrive there at least disappointed and in a few cases disillusioned. Having a cup of coffee with the big team can go a long way to satisfy their taste of “The Show”, especially if the team happens to be on a road trip to California.

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